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eVolve Optimization Service: INFORM

Increase your drilling performance with 24/7 remote optimization and enhanced data analytics

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Our M/D Totco™ eVolve™ Optimization Service’s core offering turns drilling data into powerful information with diligent review and analysis of rig operations. INFORM leverages the Real-Time Technology Center (RTTC) to deliver 24/7 information, support, and optimization advice to your drilling operation. INFORM uses surface data from the RigSense™ system and other NOV data acquisition systems for trend analyses, data analytics, and daily reporting to help your team and rig perform at a superior level. Our team of drilling specialists works with you to determine the communication protocols, reporting content, rigsite training, and well planning support that best fit your operational needs.

We help you identify ways to drill more efficiently, reducing both nonproductive time and invisible lost time. INFORM can help reduce both by doing the following:

  • Stuck pipe prevention while drilling, tripping, and running casing
  • Rate of penetration (ROP) enhancement, mechanical specific energy (MSE) analysis, roadmap generation, and optimization
  • Drilling dynamics (shocks, stick/slip, vibrations, auto-driller performance, etc.) monitoring and intervention (based on an eVolve ADVISE tier downhole drilling dynamics study)
  • Rig activity analysis and monitoring
  • Real-time geosteering support to the operator's geologist(s)

Our RTTC team works with you to create customized solutions that support your operations. Our drilling optimization specialists, innovative software, and data analytics help you achieve consistent and superior performance from your rigs with reduced spud-to-spud times, additional insight into drilling operations, and a focus on safety.



  • Stuck pipe prevention
    • Reduces lost time on stuck pipe incidents
    • Optimizes casing runs
  • ROP enhancement
    • Provides MSE analysis to identify ROP limitations
    • Generates offset wells analysis for optimized roadmap
  • Drilling dynamics monitoring and intervention
    • Increases bit runs
    • Reduces damage to the bottomhole assembly
    • Delivers overall increase in drilling efficiency
  • Rig activity analysis and monitoring
    • Enables key performance indicator assessment and monitoring
    • Captures performance trends
  • Geosteering support service
    • Real-time geosteering support to the operator's geologist(s)
    • Pre-well modeling
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Survey reports
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