A closeup of a series of Expanding Gate Valves

Expanding Gate Valve

Our expanding gate valve is a full-bore, through-conduit gate valve featuring a mechanically sealing gate to ensure positive shutoff.

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The expanding gate valve can be trimmed to meet most specifications that require handling a wide range of products and services. The extensions and adaptation for actuation are options regularly requested and provided. When the valve is completely closed, the gate and segment are wedged tightly against each seat. During operation, the gate and segment retract from the seats before travel. This retraction reduces wear on the resilient seat material and protects sealing surfaces in the open and closed positions.


  • Provable zero leakage
  • Double block-and-bleed
  • Reduced wear on sealing surfaces
  • Repeated positive shutoff
  • Inline repairable
  • External thermal body relief
  • Press-fit seats
  • Injectable stem packing
  • Manufactured and tested to API 6D and ANSIB16.34 specifications
  • Expanding Gate Valve Brochure
A series of Expanding Gate Valves