EZstrip Widethroat Pump

The EZstrip Widethroat pump is designed with a large auger inlet and screw conveyor to help provide consistent pumping.


The EZStrip™ Widethroat pump handles highly viscous materials such as sludges, slurries, thick nonflowing pastes, and dewatered sludge cake with viscosities up to 1 million cP.

The standard design consists of an enlarged rectangular inlet with a screw conveyor to assist the product into the pumping element. Options are available to modify the inlet with either large-diameter augers, integral bridge breakers, or both.


  • Efficient method of handling sludges with high solids content
  • Different design configurations to suit the application; dry solids approaching 40% can be handled when fitted with integral bridge breakers or large augers
  • Reduced maintenance downtime and labour savings due to ease of maintenance through simple design and plug in shaft
  • Runs at relatively slow speeds to minimize damage to shear-sensitive products
  • Available as monobloc or bareshaft pumps
  • Can be supplied with a muncher, horizontally mounted onto the hopper, to assist solids reduction before pumping
  • EZstrip Widethroat Data Sheet (English)