FAST-R Underreamer

Field-proven and fail-safe technology for any
underreaming application


The FAST-R™ underreamer is the latest underreaming solution from ReedHycalog that allows ball drop and flow control options for any multi-cycle application. Built on our reliable Anderreamer™ platform, the FAST-R underreamer design utilizes premium ReedHycalog™ polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) technology and an advanced hybrid cycling mechanism to complete underreamed intervals faster than ever before. This combination of high-performance features is unique to the FAST-R underreamer and the addition of numerous fail-safe mechanisms makes the FAST-R underreamer the best available design for one-trip underreaming applications.

Features and benefits

  • Fast and simple flow control cycling
    • Short and unique pumps off and on sequence to change tool position.
  • Clear pressure signals
    • Nozzle opens or closes when changing positions.
  • Never gets lost
    • Pumps off for several minutes to reset back to home/default tool setting.
    • Eliminates short trips and ledge tests to verify tool position.
  • Field-proven reliability
    • Utilizes the existing Anderreamer™ tool body and cutter block expansion system.
  • Reduces non-productive time (NPT)
    • No accidental cycles at connections and pump or pressure issues won’t change tool position.
  • Blocks will never get stuck open
    • Three fail-safe cutter block retraction mechanisms: spring, overpull, and pump closed.
  • Numerous bottomhole assembly (BHA) placement options
    • Oversized thru-bore for wired connection with directional tools or IntelliServ™ wired drill pipe.
    • Run the FAST-R underreamer in tandem with ball drop tools as second reamer or expandable stabilizer.
  • Hybrid cycling mechanism options (flow + ball drop)
    1. Shoe Driller – Never trip due to activation issues. Drillout while closed, drop ball to activate, then flow cycling after.
    2. Lock Closed –Improve or expand hole cleaning techniques after reaching total depth (TD). Drop ball to lock the tool closed for the remainder of run.
    3. 3D (Multidiameter) – Reams cement sheath at intermediate diameter, then drop a ball for full expansion.
  • Compatible with IQ Monitoring System™
    • Cutter block sensors record PDC wear, position, and vibration.
    • QUIQ™ analysis app provides critical run information minutes after downloading data.
  • FAST-R Underreamer Technical Summary

FAST-R closeup
FAST R wide angle side view

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