FCPC Multifrac Control System

Multifrac control system is a PC-based frac control system designed to control up to 24 hydraulic fracturing units


The Rolligon™ FCPC multi-frac control system is a PC-based frac control system designed to control up to 24 Rolligon hydraulic fracturing units. Using the high-speed Rolligon CANbus or ethernet digital network, multiple units can be networked and controlled from a single remote operator station via a computer. Frac pumps can be grouped together for the ability to control multiple frac pumps simultaneously or individually.

This system consists of a PC-based interface and control software package along with an interface connection panel with controller. It allows one or multiple operators to control multiple frac pumps from a single or multiple PC computers and touchscreen monitors. 

The multiunit frac control window can be launched with each multiple frac control screen controlling and displaying up to eight frac units. This package enables the operator to select which position on the screen is used to control a pump connected to the FCPC connection panel by using an identification number that is preprogrammed into each frac unit’s controller. 

For a more detailed look at a frac unit’s performance parameters, the operator can use the individual frac control window. This screen can be accessed quickly and easily from the multifrac control window for providing detailed information regarding an individual pump unit. Included in the additional data provided on this screen are error code messages and specific engine/transmission/pump information such as temperatures and pressures.



  • Interface with Rolligon VERSAFRAC™ control system 
  • Same capabilities as local control of the frac unit 
  • Grouping feature to control up to four different groups 
  • Global control of all connected units 
  • View individual unit data and combined data from entire frac spread quickly 
  • Alarm log for storing alarm events and maintenance data 
  • Overpressure system to accept a pressure input from multiple sources and shut down individual or multiple units 
  • Network entire frac spread to reduce setup time and lengthy cabling 
  • Modify unit settings and calibrations remotely 
  • Network data to DASTRAC III data acquisition software for acquiring pressures and combined pump rates 
  • Hardwired and wireless capabilities 
  • GoConnect™ compatible 

Frac Pump Controls

  • Protection for the frac pump based on machine data 
  • Reports alarms and shutdowns to the operator 
  • Configurable OPSD setpoint 
  • Works with all frac application transmissions and engines 
  • Tracks operating hours for major components 
  • Rolligon Software and Controls Solutions Catalog

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