Fiber Glass Systems Field Service Repairs and Modifications

Repairs or modifications can be made to tanks that are already in the ground.
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Typical Services: 

  • Modifications of Existing Tanks
  • Installation of Collars and Tank Sumps on Existing Tanks
  • Repair of Tank Damage
  • Repair and Replacement of Fittings and Manways

We can upgrade existing fiberglass underground storage tanks! 

  • Upgrade your Single-Wall Underground Fiberglass Storage tank with the Biofuel Tank Upgrade (BTU®). Ethanol blends, up to and including E100, and biodiesel blends up to B100 are all compatible with the BTU upgrade.
  • The BTU service includes a 1-year Internal Corrosion Limited Warranty
  • Also see our Retank® service – A New Tank Inside Your Existing Fiberglass Underground Storage Tank 

We can convert your existing Single-Compartment Tank into a Multiple Compartment Tank in the Field! 

  • While the tank is still in the ground
  • Adding a Bulkhead inside of the tank
  • Finished product designed the same as our factory-produced Compartment Tanks 

We can convert your leaking tank sump into a Water-Tight Sump Enclosure 

  • Our technician cuts out the existing top
  • Then installs a gasketed 34″ opening top
  • The finished product is water tight and provides easy access 

Exclusive Owens Corning Limited Warranty Work 

Containment Solutions Field Service network was selected by Owens Corning as their exclusive service group to modify and perform limited warranty work on tanks sold between 1964 and 1994. 

  • Containment Solutions Capabilities Brochure
  • Containment Solutions Capabilities Brochure (Spanish)
  • Containment Solutions Petroleum Tank Brochure
  • Containment Solutions Tank Sumps Brochure
  • Containment Solutions Tank Sumps Brochure (Spanish)

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