Fiber Glass Systems Field Service Tank Inspection and Recertification

A cost effective alternative to the purchase of a new double-wall tank.

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If a tank is removed from an installation, moved to owner’s new location and is intended for active service at the new location, the tank must be inspected and re-certified by Containment Solutions in order to maintain the existing tank limited warranty.

Tank recertification does not cover any installed product, component, or parts manufactured by others.

Our tank recertification service includes the following

  • After the contractor removes your used double-wall fiberglass tank, Containment Solutions will inspect and re-certify the tank in accordance with the tank's original warranty.
  • If deemed necessary from the inspection, appropriate repairs can be completed to factory standards.
  • The re-certified tank can be reinstalled with the same confidence as when it was first installed.
  • Recertification service is provided by fully-trained Containment Solutions Field Service Technicians.
  • A Tank Inspection and Recertification Certificate is issued to the tank owner. 
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