Fiber Glass Systems Global Service Network

Our Global Service Network provides Fiber Glass Systems global repair and replacement services for our Bondstrand piping systems.


The Fiber Glass Systems (FGS) Global Service Network (GSN) program provides owners and operators of marine and offshore ships and facilities with fast-response, comprehensive, professional repair and replacement services for Bondstrand™ piping systems.

Whether you own or operate FPSOs, FSOs, FSRUs, FLNGs, floating platforms (drilling and production units), fixed platforms, or commercial ships, this program will deliver the results you need.

  • Repair – A properly designed, engineered, installed, and operated Bondstrand piping system requires little to no maintenance. However, there are situations when unforeseen events occur or you need to modify or upgrade your system. For both warranty and non-warranty situations, we are ready to assist you around the world.
  • Retrofit – Whether you're changing out sections of an existing system or adding functionality such as anti-piracy piping, ballast water treatment piping, scrubber piping, etc., we can manage the work quickly—in port or at sea.
  • Revamp – When you've made the decision to completely change out your system to Bondstrand, we know you want the work done quickly and with minimum downtime. We can undertake these projects in conjunction with platform or facility upgrades at a shipyard or in dry dock.
  • Inspection and reporting – Once you've invested in Bondstrand, you want to ensure an extended life for your system. Our surveyors will prepare reports on the health of the system and make preventive maintenance recommendations as needed.
  • Fiberglass Engineering and Piping Design Guide