Fiber Glass Systems Oilfield Tanks

Fiberglass tanks engineered and designed for the oil & gas industry


Fiber Glass System's oilfield tanks present an outstanding value when compared to steel tanks. Our tanks have a longer service life than steel tanks, which translates into replacement cost savings. Our fiberglass oil and water tanks are also corrosion resistant, which eliminates the need for extra corrosion protection, such as external painting and internal coating. Further, the anti-corrosive nature of our tanks greatly reduces the risk of environmental contamination due to leaks or spills.

American Petroleum Institute (API) Configured Tanks

  • Standard sizes from 50 barrels – 1,500 barrels
  • Diameters up to 21 foot and 6 inches
  • Standard closed top or open top
  • Custom fabrication
  • Multiple Resin types available:
    • Iso/Ortho rated up to 150 degrees (f)
    • Iso rated up to 170 degrees (f)
    • Vinyl Ester resign is available for 180+ degrees (f) 
  • Various color selections available
  • Wide selection of tank offerings
    • Secondary containment vessels
    • Double wall sump tanks
    • Gun Barrel Tanks
    • Oil & Water Separation
    • Solids removal
    • Saltwater Disposals
  • Delivery and Set available
  • Fiber Glass Systems Specialized and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics

  • Saltwater Disposal Capabilities Brochure

Large fiberglass tank being installed with eighteen-wheeler and 2 men nearby
Oil and gas fiberglass tanks being installed
Fiberglass tanks for oil and gas exploration use, with trees in the background

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