Fiberglass Scrubbers

Industrial scrubber/absorber, shells and vessel internals have been manufactured using FRP for many years due to the corrosion resistance and dependability of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic.


Fiber Glass Systems FRP scrubbers and scrubber components have been used in a wide range of industries to include Power & FGD, Metals & Mining, Chemical Processing, Cement, Water Remediation and Odor Control.

With the proper material selection, FRP can provide long term corrosion resistance and low maintenance costs in applications where carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, coatings, linings are simply not a long term solution. FRP material is also a more economical solution to high-nickel content alloys in scrubber environments containing elevated chloride concentrations or wet acids.

FGS engineering teams works with your process design team to develop a structural design and configuration for scrubbers and strippers ranging from shop sized vessels up to 18 feet in diameter and large field sized scrubbers up to 120 feet in diameter.  Our methodology streamlines the project development process, improves coordination, and results in precisely engineered projects. Our results are proven in hundreds of major projects across a wide variety of industries.

With five manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada and a Field Construction division, we provide regional service and support. Whether we are asked to manufacture scrubbers on-site or to install shop manufactured scrubbers, our experience in construction and planning makes the installation more efficient and trouble free.

Unique in the industry, our on-site fabrication process overcomes size constraints and difficult access issues – and we provide highly cost-effective results when many large components are needed at a remote location. With twelve mobile field winding operations and a full specialty construction division, our team works virtually anywhere in the world on your important projects.

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