Fiberglass Tanks and Vessels

Fiber Glass Systems reinforced plastic tanks have served the pulp and paper, municipal and chemical industries since 1960


Shop Fabricated Tanks and Vessels (up to 21’ 6” ID)

Tanks, vessels, ducting and scrubbers are designed to handle a wide variety of dynamic, hydrostatic loads and chemical environments. Such processing systems also find use as absorbers, de-misters, air strippers and bleach towers. Fiber Glass Systems offers you the most customized and flexible production and delivery processes available today.

Typical tank and tower systems, including the supplemental components, can be fabricated in virtually any shape or configuration, demonstrating the flexibility inherent with FRP composites.

Using our proprietary technology, Fiber Glass Systems has the ability to manufacture systems in our plant then transport them safely to your site. For larger installations, we have the unique ability to build on-site to your exact specifications.

Large Diameter Tanks & Vessels

When it comes to processing and storing Corrosive Gases and Liquids, Fiber Glass Systems has been designing and delivering a multitude of technologies and processes for developing the most effective project solutions available. Our company excels in large diameter on-site manufacturing and installation of tanks and vessels – we are the industry pioneers in large diameter tanks since 1972.

Distinguished by a masterful team of engineers, construction and installation professionals, you can count on Fiber Glass Systems to deliver on every aspect of your project objectives. Recognized as a leading Specialty Contractor, Fiber Glass Systems evaluates each project and understands each jobsite is unique – and we implement unique solutions for the success of your field tank project.

Field Assembled Tanks

  • Diameters: 16 to 57 feet
  • Minimized field construction
  • Cost effective
  • No site environmental air permits needed
  • Short project schedules

Barge Shipping

  • Diameters: 16 to 50 feet
  • Vessels completely assembled in Fiber Glass Systems' shop
  • No FRP field construction
  • Lower customer construction management
  • Eliminates site environmental air permit considerations
  • Eliminates site assembly space consideration
  • Shortest project schedule

Field Wound Tanks

  • Diameters: 16 to 120 feet
  • Numerous tanks with common diameter
  • Vessels taller than 50 feet
  • Vessels too thick for Ring E-blation™ 
  • Minimizes shell joints
  • Environmental air permit typically required
  • Project schedule must include time to set-up mobile winding equipment

We are an ASME Section X certified fabricator for Class 1 and 2 pressure vessels.

  • FGS Specialists in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

  • Industrial Solutions Large Diameter FRP Tanks and Vessels Flyer

Three tanks on a barge being moved across a body of water by a small tug boat.

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