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Fiberlgass tank being lowered into the ground at a job site by a tractor.

Fiberglass Underground Onsite Septic Storage Tank

Tanks for use in both aerobic and anaerobic septic applications.

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Our line of Flowtite® tanks can be used for both aerobic and anaerobic septic applications. They are a cost-effective, long-term solution for private homes, commercial developments, industrial, and municipal applications. Changes in federal and state regulation of septic storage are moving to reduce infiltration and exfiltration contamination common in concrete systems. Our fiberglass tanks are immune to the same environments that corrode and degrade concrete septic systems, eliminating these leakage problems. Our tanks are engineered to exceed current requirements and standards. We offer IAPMO Z1000 approved tanks in sizes up to 12’ diameter, including fiberglass baffles and other accessories.

Typical Onsite Septic System

Illustration of an onsite septic tank with a cut away and alphabetical call outs.

Standard Features

  1. Flowtite® Fiberglass Tank
  2. PVC Inlet Piping
  3. Watertight Fiberglass Riser
  4. Fiberglass Access Opening Watertight Adhesive Channel
  5. Effluent Filter
  6. Fiberglass Baffle

Typical Accessories

  1. Effluent Pump with Filter
  2. Effluent Discharge
  3. Fiberglass Anchor Straps
  4. Deadmen Anchors
  • Zeta Safety System Flyer
  • Zeta Safety System Case Study

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