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Image of a Potable Water Storage Tank being installed underground, with mountains in the background

Fiberglass Underground Potable Water Storage Tank

Flowtite fiberglass tanks adhere to NSF 61 and AWWA standards for potable water storage.

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Fiber Glass Systems manufactures Flowtite® fiberglass tanks according to NSF 61 and AWWA standards for potable water storage. Because of their lightweight design, Flowtite tanks are easy to transport and easy to install making them popular in remote areas where a dependable, drinkable water source is critical. Fiberglass tanks can be manufactured to store potable water directly without liners or bladders common in both steel and concrete tanks.

According to the World Health Organization, less than 1% of the water on Earth is readily available for human use and consumption. With this finite supply of resource it is clear why conserving potable water is a key focus of green building projects.

Typical Potable Water System


Illustration of an potable water tank with a cut away and alphabetical call outs.

Standard Features

  1. Flowtite® Fiberglass Tank 600 - 60,000 gallons
  2. FRP Flanged Manway
  3. FRP Flanged Manway Extension
  4. Deadmen Anchors
  5. Fiberglass Anchor Straps
  6. NES-61 Fiberglass Ladder
  7. Flanged Nozzle - Inlet
  8. Flanged Nozzle - Outlet
  9. Auxiliary Fill Gauge
  10. Tank Vent
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  • Containment Solutions Capabilities Brochure (Spanish)

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