Gravel covering a tank in the ground with a sump and pipe attached to it.

Fiberglass Underground Storage Tank Accessories

Our goal is to package a complete system for your project needs. This avoids complications and excessive costs, also reducing installation time.

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We offer a range of high-quality accessories to complement our products. These accessories meet our strict quality control standards and meet applicable OSHA requirements. Our goal is to package a complete system for your project needs. This avoids complications and excessive costs and reduces the duration of the installation.

Tank Sumps

Tank sumps are protective enclosures for pumps, piping and other accessories above the tank top. Tank sumps should be watertight and durable since they will protect the surrounding environment in the event of a piping leak. For 25 years Containment Solutions has been perfecting the fiberglass tank sump design and installation process creating the most reliable and contractor friendly sump line available. Our proven technology has been utilized in thousands of installations.

Containment Solutions tank sumps with a patented EZ-Fit adhesive channel carry a 30-year structural and corrosion limited warranty, which is the most comprehensive limited warranty in the industry.

Single-wall Tank Sumps

Containment Solutions tank sumps are manufactured using the same technology as our fiberglass tanks. We use a special blend of glass and resin which is carefully metered during fabrication to ensure a consistent wall thickness. Containment Solutions non-corrosive fiberglass tank sumps are light enough to be installed without mechanical equipment, yet durable enough to protect critical components for decades. Tank sumps typically fit on the same truck as the tank which reduce shipping expenses.

Double-wall Tank Sumps

Containment Solutions has earned a reputation for double-wall reliability as a result of our hydrostatic tank monitoring technology. We have simply adapted the same expertise to the fiberglass tank sump. Containment Solutions double-wall tank sumps were designed to satisfy current regulations while anticipating future requirements. Unlike competitive products which bond the inner and outer sump walls together with fiberglass fabrics, Containment Solutions double-wall sumps are built with 100% separation between sump walls. This open environment offers an unobstructed pathway for fluid monitoring which reduces trapped air that can cause false alarms and provides 360° protection and true secondary containment. Our double-wall hydrostatically monitored tank sumps are an integral part of the Containment Solutions HydroGuard® System.

Entry Fittings

Containment Solutions offers a line of UL-971-rated FRP Sump Entry Fittings designed for use with both conduit and FRP pipe. Our Bonded Sump Entry Fitting - Termination Style provides a water-tight seal, along with up to 5-degrees of adjust-ability as well as a built-in test port. In addition to a 30-year warranty for Corrosion, and Materials and Workmanship, this patented product also comes with a 30-year Water-Intrusion Warranty.

Deadmen Anchoring System

Containment Solutions can provide pre-fabricated deadmen tank anchors for single, double, and triple-wall fiberglass storage tanks; engineered to American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards. Deadmen anchors provide a means to prevent installed fiberglass tanks from floating out of the ground when the tank installation is subject to ground water around the tank. Deadmen anchors are just as effective at preventing tank flotation but cost less than a concrete pad under the tank.

Containment Solutions deadmen allow the connection of the fiberglass hold down strap end to the deadman anchor point using wire rope, turnbuckles, or other mechanical connections. The deadmen are manufactured with slots that allow the anchor points to be easily moved along the deadmen for alignment with tank anchor points during installation. The deadmen type, lengths, and the number of anchor points are dependent upon the tank diameter, model, and capacity.

Deadmen, turnbuckles and more can be supplied by Containment Solutions and will arrive on the same trailer as your storage tank saving you valuable time and delivery expenses.

Other Accessories

  • Secondary containment collars field-installed piping and fittings
  • Tank ladders
  • Tank fittings
  • Fiberglass manways
  • Fiberglass manway extensions
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Fiberglass underground storage tank with a sump that has entry fittings for pipe.
Sump Entry Fittings
Concrete anchors for underground fiberglass tanks.
Deadmen for Anchoring
Underground fiberglass tank with a sump lid installed in a job site.
Sump Cover with Three Fittings
Fiberglass underground storage tank manway on a job site.
Tank Manway

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