Fiberspar Spoolable Fiberglass Pipe

Eliminate downtime due to corrosion and switch from “traditional” steel to Fiberspar LinePipe. 


Steel pipe is often considered the product of choice for moving large volumes of liquid and gas over long distances, but there is a more reliable and cost-effective alternative: our Fiberspar™ Spoolable LinePipe.

Understanding your needs, Fiber Glass Systems engineers developed a new line of spoolable composite products that expands application capabilities based on temperature, pressure, and flow rate.

Fiberspar LinePipe is a spoolable product consisting of an inner thermoplastic pressure barrier reinforced by high-strength glass fibers embedded in an epoxy matrix. Intended for corrosive-gathering and injection applications, including general and sour produced fluids and gases, Fiberspar LinePipe can handle pressures up to 2,500 psi and temperatures up to 180 °F in hydrocarbon applications (3,500 psi and 203 °F in water applications).


Pipe is supplied in continuous lengths up to 9,000 ft (2740 m) on reels for rapid installation in most applications. A wear-resistant exterior layer provides excellent damage resistance during handling and installation. Connectors are designed to grip a GRE structure, avoiding issues related to viscoelastic creep associated with thermoplastic materials. Connectors are available in all standard configurations (flanged, threaded, weld-end, etc.), or custom connections can be supplied.


  • Pipeline Rehabilitation
  • Production Lines
  • Injection Lines
  • Disposal Lines
  • Oil, Gas, Saltwater
  • Transfer Lines
  • CO2 and Sour Services
  • Hydrogen* Storage
  • Hydrogen* Transmission
*Fiberspar is approved for Hydrogen Piping though ASME B31.12 Case 200.

Fiberspar Specifications

Size range 2 to 6 in.
Inner corrosion barrier HDPE (Grade E) or HTP (Grade X and XT) neat resin 
Pressure ratings Up to 3,500 psi (24.1 MPa)
Pipe construction Continuous Single-Angle Filament Wound with Anhydride cured Epoxy structure. Exterior jacket layer included
Temperature range E: -29 to 140 °F (-34 to 60 °C) X: -29 to 180 °F (-34 to 82 °C) XT: -29 to 203 °F (-34 to 95 °C)
Joining method Mechanical—flanged, threaded, or custom
Fittings Not applicable/corrosion-resistant metallic as needed
Chemical service All general services except solvents and aromatics
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