Fishing Grab

Retrieve broken wire in your downhole tubing with our fishing grab.


The fishing grab retrieves wire that has broken in the tubing.

The tool consists of a box-up connection in a housing with either two or three flexible prongs extending downward. Pointed barbs welded to the inside of the prongs form hooks that will catch the looped end of the broken line. The coiled tubing fishing grab also has a large flow-through bore.

When a line breaks below the stuffing box, a full gauge such as a slotted skirt wirefinder is normally used to both locate and ball-up the broken end of the line before running the fishing grab. The fishing grab is flexible enough to bend and can be gauged for the tubing it is to be run in. The prong ends of the grab should fit snugly against the walls of the tubing to help prevent line bypass.

When ordering fishing grabs, please specify size and connection.


  • Flow through facility
  • Simple, flexible design
  • Robust construction
  • External fish neck available
  • TerraTECH Coiled Tubing Tools Brochure

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