FlexConnect HP Frac Hose

Efficiently handle high-pressure frac operations without traditional iron


We understand the industry’s current challenges, which consist of numerous leak points and long rig-up and rig-down times with traditional iron setups. Our FlexConnect™ high-pressure frac hose is a composite hose that can be readily manufactured to multiple lengths, from 2- to 7-in. ID, and pressures up to 15,000 psi to meet your individual requirements. This hose provides improved frac media resistance and enhanced flow rates, which enables you to enhance your frac operation.

FlexConnect hoses reduce the connections down to two instead of the multiple connections needed with traditional iron products, offering improved performance and an easy solution to rig up and rig down.

The hoses are provided with visual wear indication inherent in the hose construction, which allows inspection to determine approximate wear-percentage levels and resultant life remaining in the hose body. Manufactured for extended life, the FlexConnect hose reduces your costs related to replacements, recertification, and tracking.

Inspection and recertification

Every FlexConnect hose comes with wear indicators throughout the bore, which provide a visual wear indication at 25, 50, and 75% worn conditions. Inspection of the hose condition is completed using a borescope and can be facilitated by NOV’s team, or we also provide training to allow end user self-certification.

End connection options

  • Anson™ hammer union: Industry-adopted union ideal for rapid rig-up/rig-down applications
  • API 6A flange ends: Robust design for applications that do not require regular connect/disconnect
  • Flanged hose with Anson hammer union saver-subs: Allows for quick switch outs of the low-cost saver-sub should the hammer union get damaged
  • Flanged hose with FracMaxx™ articulating swivel (5-in. ID and above): Allows end connections to be rotated for perfect alignment and helps avoid flange bolt hole misalignment issues
  • NOV FlexHub with clamp: Elastomeric sealing arrangement specifically designed for frac applications, coupled with a conventional, heavy-duty clamp connection

Eliminate the potential for traditional fatigue failure on high-pressure hose end connections with the FZero fatigue-resistant universal hose end connector 

High-pressure hoses are becoming firmly established as the premier flowline of choice for high-pressure hydraulic fracturing operations. The reduced rig up and rig down times, minimized leak paths, and overall reduced cost of ownership make flexible hoses a more viable solution for temporary pipework in hydraulic fracturing. End connections are traditionally the weakest point in any hose construction. In service or recertification, failure of the end connections can result in a premature write-off of the complete hose assembly. 

Our FZero™ fatigue-resistant universal hose end connector eliminates the potential for traditional fatigue failure on high-pressure hose end connections. Specifically engineered for use with our FlexConnect™ high-pressure frac hose, the elimination of potential fatigue failure results in extended life of the hose body with the added flexibility of changing to multiple end connection options without changing the hose.

Features and benefits

  • Protective outer coating provides long-lasting life of high-pressure hosing
  • Eliminate costly iron replacements and recertification with specifically designed ID to withstand harsh frac environments
  • Reduce rig-up and rig-down time with quick and safe Anson hammer unions, hubbed, or flanged connections
  • Fewer connection points eliminate the need for multiple iron configurations
  • Higher flow rates versus conventional iron
  • Available with integral end fittings captive within the hose body construction and end-of-life wear indication
  • In-line swivel available for end connections to prevent torque transfer on makeup
  • Compact and easily transportable design

FlexConnect HP Frac Hose Specifications

Bore size
Min. bend radius
Max. working pressure
1.75 (2.00-in. 1502) 3.000 18 9.0 15,000 2-in. 1502 hammer union ended (1¾-in. bore)
2.00 3.000 18 12.0 15,000 21/16-in. API 15k flange ended  
2.50* 3.250 22 18.2 15,000 3-in. 1502 hammer union ended (2½-in. bore)
2.75 (3.00-in. 1502) 3.583 34 22.0 15,000 3-in. 1502 hammer union ended (2¾-in. bore)
3.00 3.583 34 26.2 15,000 31/16-in. API 15K flange ended
3.50 (4.00-IN. 1502) 4.333 62 35.7 15,000 4-in. 1502 hammer union ended (3½-in. bore)
4.00 4.333 62 46.6 15,000 41/16-in. API 15K flange ended
5.00 5.250 72 84.0
15,000 5⅛-in. API 15K flange ended
6.00 5.500 81 120.0 15,000 71/16-in. API 15K flange ended
7.00 5.917 92 142.9 15,000 71/16-in. API 15K flange ended

*2.50-in. ID FlexConnect is specifically designed for the ideal flow rate in frac pump to manifold trailer applications.

  • FlexConnect HP Frac Hose Flyer

  • FlexConnect HP Frac Hose Chemical Resistance Spec Sheet

  • FZero Fatigue-Resistant Hose Connector Flyer

FlexConnect HP Frac Hose, side angle view
FlexConnect HP Frac Hose, 7 Inch, side closeup view
FlexConnect HP Frac Hose, 7 Inch, front view
FlexConnect HP Frac Hose, 7 Inch, side angle view

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