Flexible Pipe Products

Our flexible pipe products deliver proven, innovative, and high-performance technology suitable for shallow and deepwater applications.


We deliver flexible pipe systems to the offshore oil and gas industry as well as the chemical and water industries worldwide. As a professional and competent supplier of highly engineered flexible pipe systems, we provide a complete solution to our clients, including oil companies and the contracting industry.

Our unbonded flexible pipe structure consists of carefully preformed and helically wound metallic strips and armor wires combined with concentric layers of polymer, textile, fabric tape, and friction-reducing materials. The fundamental design basis for a Flexibles structure is the API 17J specification and the associated Recommended Practice API 17B, which outline the standard industry requirements for design, material selection, manufacture, testing, marking, and packaging of the flexible pipe. For every specific application, we also incorporate and address your project specification to ensure full compliance and optimum operational performance.

In designing and optimizing an unbonded flexible pipe structure designation of adequate materials, the correct balancing of pipe structural elements, geometry, and interaction between layers must be considered. We ensure the long-term durability of a Flexibles pipe through a combination of only using symmetrical pressure armor profiles—which contain an absolute minimum of residual stresses after having been applied onto the flexible pipe structure—and a careful preforming of the double-layer cross-wound tensile armor comprised of multiple rectangular steel wires.

Our pipes are designed under rigorous rules based on models of the operational conditions. If desired, they can be constantly monitored by embedded sensors and electrical heating wires into the structure. Our pigging solutions, pipeline products, and structures are designed to interface perfectly with our flexible pipes.

We can help you acquire what you need to minimize interfacing time and improve logistics. We select the correct combination of materials by taking into consideration the specified service conditions, including chemical composition of the conveyed fluid, pressure, temperature, water depth, and a range of other factors that affect the flexible pipe design.

Carcass – An interlocking structure manufactured from a metallic strip. The carcass prevents collapse of the inner liner and provides mechanical protection against pigging tools and abrasive particles. 

Inner liner – An extruded polymer layer providing internal fluid integrity.

Pressure armor – A number of structural layers consisting of helically wound C-shaped metallic wires and/or metallic strips. The pressure armor layers provide resistance to radial loads.

Antiwear layer – Nonmetallic layers are incorporated to prevent wear and tear between the structural elements.

Tensile armor – A number of structural layers consisting of helically wound flat metallic wires. The layers are counter-wound in pairs. The tensile armor layers provide resistance to axial tension loads.

Outer sheath – An extruded polymer layer that shields the pipe's structural elements from the outer environment and gives mechanical protection.

Insulation – Additional layers of material with low thermal conductivity can be applied to obtain specific thermal insulation properties of the pipe.


Superior technologies:

  • Extensive sour service capabilities
  • Impervious to CO2 and H2S-based corrosion
  • 30 to 50% lighter than conventional flexible pipes
  • Single-layer PVDF (non-plasticized)
  • XLPE – Online cross-linked PE
  • Flexible DEH pipe system
  • Embedded integrity monitoring

Our flexible pipes are designed to perform in:

  • High temperatures above +150 °C
  • High pressures exceeding 1,000 bar
  • Highly dynamic marine environments
  • Pressure ratings greater than 12,500 psi
  • Deep waters greater than 3000 m
Offshore vessel loading out flexible pipe in Kaldunborg, Denmark

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