Flexibles Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory facilities expertly assess flexible pipes in service.


When performing integrity testing, we may use our in-house laboratories or test rig facilities during the assessment of flexible pipes in service.

  • Compatibility testing
  • Polymer aging testing
  • Sour service testing
  • Fatigue testing

Examples of laboratory services performed from Flexibles Services:

  • Carcass testing – Customer needed to check carcass compatibility with a high CO2 content. Flexibles Services suggested a test program comprising a PVDF high-CO2 decompression test (blistering test) and carcass autoclave testing with more test specimens.
  • Polymer coupon testing – Polymer coupons retrieved from offshore operation were tested and assessed to evaluate the condition of the internal pressure sheath. A Corrected Inherent Viscosity (CIV) test for PA-11 coupons and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) of the PA11 and PVDF coupons were performed.
  • Dropped object analysis/Impact load – Project included dissection of flexible pipe samples exposed to different impact loads under different conditions to assess maximum impact load for the particular pipe design.
  • Bending radius test/simulation of installation scenario – A bending test was performed in NOV's test facility to simulate different installation scenarios with exceeded minimum bend radii (MBR).