Flexibles Offshore Services

Our consultancy and inspection services for flexible piping systems help you increase asset value.


We offer offshore services and inspection on flexible pipe systems on an ad hoc basis or as part of an agreed integrity management program. If desired, services can start after load-out of the flexible pipes and then repeated at regular and agreed intervals.

Our offshore team is very familiar with the flexible pipe structure and can solve unexpected challenges at the spot. When not mobilized to offshore assets around the world, our offshore team works with flexible pipe testing at our factory or with the flexible pipe design team in our engineering office, keeping their competences up to date.

Examples of offshore projects provided by Flexibles Services:

  • Riser annulus integrity testing – Annulus vacuum testing or positive pressure testing combined with annulus volume testing for checking of the outer sheath integrity.
  • Monitoring of installation operations – During installation and replacement operations, Flexibles Services offers consultancy in the preparation phase and monitoring of the installation operation offshore. Flexibles’ Offshore technicians can be deployed to repair possible outer sheath damages during the operation.