Flow-Activated Alligator Grab

Retrieve loose objects from your wellbore with the flow-activated alligator grab.

The flow-activated alligator grab tool catches and retrieves loose objects from within the wellbore. The tool runs in the permanently closed position and is flow activated to the open grab position by circulating fluid and creating a pressure differential at the tool.

Please note that the flow-activated alligator grab tool is not designed to withstand the heavy jarring operations when the jaws have gripped onto any firmly stuck fish.

When ordering flow-activated alligator grabs, please specify size and thread connection.


  • Flow or drop-ball activated
  • Variable grab lengths available
  • Optional external fish neck
  • TerraTECH Coiled Tubing Tools Brochure

  • TerraLINK Coiled Tubing Connectors Data Summary