Flow-Activated Hydraulic Jetting Indexing Tool

Enjoy full 360° bore coverage during wash cycles with our flow-activated hydraulic jetting indexing tool.

The flow-activated hydraulic jetting indexing tool rotates jetting wash nozzles, allowing full 360° bore coverage.

The jetting indexing tool rotates in a controlled incremental manner by applying intermittent surface pump pressure. When flow pressure is increased to the index operating pressure, the lower half of the tool strokes downwards and indexes, and maintaining pressure allows the increased flow to jet through the jetting wash nozzle.

When the flow pressure decreases, the tool strokes back and completes the indexing cycle. By repeating this operation, the tool can achieve a full 360° wash cycle.

A range of jetting nozzles can be supplied with the jetting indexing tool. When ordering jetting indexing tools, please specify size and thread connection.


  • Flow activated (no drop balls required)
  • Low pressure actuation
  • Full bore opening for high pressure rates
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple construction
  • TerraTECH Coiled Tubing Tools Brochure

  • TerraLINK Coiled Tubing Connectors Data Summary