Flow-Activated Releasable Overshot

Retrieve lost fish or coiled tubing tools downhole with our flow-activated releasable external overshot tool.


The flow-activated releasable overshot tool is a variable-catch external overshot used to retrieve a lost cylindrical fish from the wellbore. It is run in hole until it latches onto the fish and butts out. Pulling up will cause the slips to set into the fish.

Should the fish be irretrievable, the tool can be released from the fish by flow activation and returned to surface. Circulation of up to a 100-psi differential pressure can be maintained during fishing. A variety of choke sizes are available to suit different flow rates and fluid densities.

The flow-activated releasable overshot tool can be used to retrieve lost or broken tubing, coil, and coiled tubing tools that have backed off downhole. The tool can be supplied to overshoot and seal onto a specific fish, which is important if there is a flow-activated tool beneath the fish that requires operation before the fish can be retrieved. The flow-activated releasable overshot tool is also available with pack-off O-rings. 

A complete range of hardened and double-tempered slips are available for each tool size.

When ordering flow-activated coiled tubing releasable overshots, please specify size, thread connection, and additional slips required.


  • Internal hammer action assists release
  • Flow or drop-ball activated
  • Hardened and double-tempered slips
  • Robust construction
  • Variable slip sizes for each tool
  • Optional bell guides available
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