Flow Control and Safety Systems

Flow control devices include sliding sleeves and wireline nipples that can be used in a variety of applications.

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NXO and NXA sliding sleeves

The NXO sliding sleeve is used to selectively produce zones in multizone completions. The sleeve is a flow control device installed in the tubing string and opened and closed by standard wireline methods. The sleeve may also be used to circulate fluids after the wellhead is installed to place anticorrosion fluids between the casing and tubing or kill the well before workover operations begin.

The NXO sleeve’s replaceable Vee-type upper and lower seals ensure seal integrity for extended periods downhole. The upper sub has an ‘X’ profile machined into it to allow proper shifting of the sleeve and to locate and lock into place various flow control devices.


  • Shift down to open; shift up to close
  • No restriction in tubing after opening or closing
  • Standard EU 8rd connections; premium connections available upon request
  • Vee seals for maximum sealing integrity


  • Enables circulation between casing and tubing
  • Enables selective opening and closing of zone in multizone completions
  • Produces multiple zones through single tubing string


  • Single, dual, and multiple packer completions
  • Zone isolation in multiple zone completions
  • Circulation of packer fluid after wellhead installation
  • Selective testing, treating, and production of individual zones in multizone completions

NX nipple

  • Locking groove allows for internal locking of flow control device
  • Seal area provides a polished seal surface
  • Design allows for the running section of many NX nipples in the tubing string

NXN nipple

  • Allows for the location and installation of different flow control devices
  • Locking groove allowing for the internal locking of the flow control device
  • NXA Sliding Sleeve Data Sheet
  • NXO Sliding Sleeve Data Sheet

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