Flowline Accessories

Practical accessories manufactured to complement our Anson flowline


Union wear gauge

Our combined union wear gauge checks for unacceptable wear on the Anson™ hammer union male end head, nut retaining segments, nut engagement shoulder, and thread flank—all in one small tool. There are two options per size and figure number for segmented or nonsegmented hammer union connections.

Support stool

Our flowline support stool offers a custom-made alternative for supporting your flowline in the field. This lightweight, stackable, bright, and solid support stool is used to elevate pipework from the ground, making it easier to see, assemble, and inspect. This elevation also provides a means to quickly identify leaks.

The flowline support stool is the ideal companion for the Anson flowline restraint system, allowing for easier above-ground installation and removal of the restraints.

Pipe basket/rack

We design and manufacture fully customizable pipe baskets or containers around your standard pipe package requirements, fit for your purpose. Baskets and racks are ideal for ease of transport and keeping the site safe from loose-lying pipework.


The patented Anson hoselifter was designed specifically for improved handling with bulk hoses. Our hoselifters are constructed from forged steel or aluminium bronze (spark proof) and are fully proof-tested before every despatch.

Asset tracking

NOV offers a range of asset management services and packages to support the management of your equipment out in the field. These packages can be bespoke to your individual needs.

  • Flowline Support Stool Flyer

  • Combined Union Wear Gauge Data Sheet

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