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Frac Fluid Mixer Trailer

Fill, circulate, and discharge your fluids with our versatile mixing-displacement manifold.

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The Wilco™ WFM-100 frac fluid mixer trailer is designed for transporting 100 bbl of 8.6 lb/gal fluid and is equipped with an additive system that is used for circulation and high-rate discharge of fracturing fluids.

Fill, circulate, and discharge your fluids with our versatile mixing-displacement manifold. This is designed to move fluid from anywhere to anywhere with one of the two Mission™ pumps on the trailer. You can move fluids to the mixer tank, blend and recirculate through two tanks, and then displace to the treating fluid blender. Our manifold system is set up to perform a variety of different styles of blending and is latched to the trailer frame sides.

Fluid may be added to the mix tanks by either of two methods: pumping fluid from another vessel via a 3-in. fill line into the top of the mixing vessel or pumping using the on-board 3×2×13-in. centrifugal pumps’ fluid via the 3-in. suction manifold.

The fluid mixture within the mix tank can then be recirculated. The recirculated fluid flows through the mixing-agitation apparatus in the mix vessel. It is then pumped out the bottom of the vessel with a 3×2×13-in. centrifugal pump and then circulated back up through the top of the mixing tank. The process is continuous, and the recirculating fluid can be mixed with more fluid or additives, which can be added into the vessel via the top fill line or manually through the manway.


  • Two 50-bbl tanks, 102-in. (8.5-ft) diameter
  • Two Mission™ centrifugal pumps, 3×2×13 in. impeller, mechanical seals
  • Three rows of paddle-style agitators in blender vessels designed to create toroidal flow within the blender
  • Agitators and centrifugal pumps run with hydraulic motors
  • Work platform designed to allow front-end loader equipment to deliver pallets of additive and bulk materials to side safety rails, which double as full opening gates
  • Powered by Cat 6.6 Tier III or IV engine
  • Control panel stand for remote control of air-actuated valves, engine, and hydraulic drives
  • Support and bracing technique designed to minimize vibration on the work platform
  • Straight, non-upset side beams to provide support for heavier loads during transport or mixing
  • Work lights are all rectangular 24-v LED lights. The top work area is illuminated with four lights. Two lights are mounted on swivel arms over the batch mixers’ manways. Two lights are also mounted underneath the work platform to light the area of the centrifugal pumps and the recirculation, fill, and discharge manifolds. A work light is mounted on the front blender vessel and is directed to the power unit.
  • 2-in. weld-on kingpin
  • Hazmat placards located at required positions


Frac Fluid Mixer Trailer Specifications

Air suspension

50,000-lb tandem (25,000 each)

Dual tires


Dual landing gear legs’ lift capacity

62,500 lb


  • Wilco Frac Fluid Mixer Trailer Flyer
  • Wilco Capabilities and Services Brochure
  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts
Render of control panel Frac Fluid Mixer Trailer

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