Frac protection system outside facility

Frac Protection System

The NOV Frac Protection System is a safety system designed to protect against overpressure events during fracturing operations.

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Protect personnel and surrounding area from pressurized fluid

Designed to protect against overpressure events during fracturing operations, our frac protection system (FPS) relieves the fracturing fluid into a tank, protecting personnel and the surrounding area from the pressurized fluid and releasing directly to the atmosphere.

The FPS skid includes a manifold section, relief tank, hydraulic power unit, and control system. This unique system is modular and can be configured with a 72-bbl flowback tank or without, decreasing the skid size by roughly half.

During fracturing operations, the FPS is connected to the main treatment line and a signal from the FPS skid control system or the customer’s data van will trigger the relief valve in case of overpressurization in the line.

Our relief valve will open the instant an overpressure event has occurred, and up to three pressure transducers will be monitoring working pressure every 20 milliseconds upstream from the FPS. The controls system will email a report every time an overpressure event occurs, and overpressure relief points can be set locally or remotely while the FPS is in service.


  • Manifold system designed to increase safety in operation along with reducing downtime and valve wear, as they can be easily tested with water instead of frac fluid
  • Skid-mounted tank system for safe discharge of the overpressurized frac fluid for safety and environmental protection
  • Remote access to instrumentation and control system with 24-hour access
  • Customizable system allows for customer-specific solutions
  • Built-in redundancy decreases downtime and increases efficiency; FPS can run for hours on battery power if the frac site loses power
  • Automatic reporting minimizes human error
  • System designed for offline function test of relief valve to increase the life of the valve body, gate, and seat

Frac Protection System Dimensions

 Length 220 in. (559 cm) 
 Width  90 in. (229 cm)
 Height  126 in. (320 cm)
 Weight (dry)  17,500 lb (7938 kg)

  • Frac Protection System Flyer
Three-quarter view of frac protection system outside facility
Rear view of frac protection system outside facility
Corner view of frac protection system outside facility
Side view of frac protection system outside facility

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