Render of Wilco Friction Reducer Transport Trailer

Friction Reducer Transport Trailer

Our FR transport trailers have become the industry standard for logistics because of our “built-to-last” engineering and fully customizable designs.

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Wilco™ friction reducer (FR) transport trailers are DOT 412-compliant and designed per ASME code. We provide a full range of engineering services ensuring your customized designs and features are specific to your exact requirements. Offered in multiple 5,000-gallon configurations, you can equip our customizable units with either UHMW or customer-specified manifolding. Manways are available in UHMW, fiberglass, or lined steel with fiberglass spill basins and spill wells being standard on all units. The control panel provides remote control for product discharge and emergency kill, allowing for increased operator safety. In addition, we are a DOT-registered facility that specializes in both the manufacture and repair of oilfield cargo tanks.


Friction Reducer Transport Trailer Specifications


5,000 gallons available in two, three, or four compartments


96 in.

Length (kingpin to rear bumper)

40 ft 2 in.

Design Details


Meets ASME Sec VIII, Div 1

DOT overturn protection




Controls Air controls for discharge and recirculation lines, including emergency kill switch, located on front driver’s side on trailer
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