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Steel fuel storage tank on location.

FuelMaster System

The Containment Solutions FuelMaster System is a complete aboveground steel storage tank system.

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Fiber Glass Systems, L.P. (FGS) has earned the reputation over the last 40 years for providing owners and engineers with cost effective solutions for the safe storage of motor vehicle fuels in underground and aboveground applications. This goal is best achieved by providing customers with a totally integrated fueling system assembled and by factory trained and qualified employees. The FuelMaster™ System from FGS takes the guess work and frustration out of selecting and a vehicle fueling system. FGS realizes that end users require additional products and services in order to have a fully operational and safe fueling system.

With FuelMaster you receive pumps/dispensers, overfill prevention devices, electronic overfill indication, and leak detection. Consult FGS for dispensers compatible with ethanol blend gasoline greater than E10.

Standard Features

  • Complete AGT System
  • UL 2085 Listed Tank
  • UL Listed Components
  • Extensive Warranty
  • One Price Approach
  • Industry Standard Pump/Dispenser
  • Overfill Prevention Device
  • Electronic Overfill / Leak Detection


  • Single-source accountability & convenience
  • Easy to specify, bid, test and install
  • Eliminates missing components
  • UL listed as Insulated, Protected Secondary Containment Tank
  • Most comprehensive warranty in the industry
  • Continuous fail-safe monitoring


  • Inventory Management System
  • Compartment Tanks
  • FIBERVAULT® Exterior Coatings
  • Phase I & II Vapor Recovery Packages
  • Containment Solutions Capabilities Brochure
  • Containment Solutions Capabilities Brochure (Spanish)

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