TerraLINK Coiled Tubing Connectors

For quickly latching onto the coil while still benefiting from all the torque and tensile features, this dimple connector is simple and popular with operators.


Our TerraLINK™ slip-type coiled tubing connector is the solution for reliable performance in applications that generate high torsional and tensile loads. Developed with the latest material technologies and extensively tested to ensure world-class reliability in the world’s most demanding applications. The rugged design of the TerraLINK connector helps reduce the overall cost of ownership through improved wear resistance of its components.

Available with a wide variety of ODs and pin connections to accommodate most jobs without the need for crossovers.

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Vertical render of a TerraLINK Coiled Tubing Connector
Horizontal render of a TerraLINK Coiled Tubing Connector

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