Gas Treatment

We provide an extensive portfolio of gas treatment technologies, including dehydration, sweetening, hydrocarbon dewpointing, and compression for gas.


Our extensive portfolio of gas treatment technologies has been developed based on decades of field-based experience and extensive research by our team of subject matter experts.

We move efficiently from consultancy to design and supply of components and complete processing systems—including testing, qualification, and start-up—onto operation of the field.

Our system optimization analysis for greenfield and brownfield projects is backed by more than 30 years of wellstream process research, development, and operational support. Our laboratory modeling techniques and computational fluid dynamics, for example, display how to achieve peak processing performance.

We provide critically important feasibility studies, concept definitions, and front-end engineering design (FEED), enabling our customers to make sound decisions based on relevant cost and time considerations.

Our world-class portfolio of technologies, both standardized and custom-made, allow specialized equipment selection, including:

  • Triethylene glycol (TEG) gas dehydration
  • Super-purifier TEG regeneration for high efficiency, low maintenance, and minimum footprint and weight
  • Molecular sieves and silica gel units for water and hydrocarbon dewpointing
  • Mercury removal units
  • Amines for gas sweetening
  • Membranes for CO2 removal
  • Cold processes for hydrocarbon dewpointing
  • Compression for different gas applications

Apart from consultancy, equipment delivery, and commissioning, start-up, and operational support, we also provide aftermarket services for our installed equipment, including maintenance, optimization, spare parts management, and user training.

Our offering is a true end-to-end service, in which every element reflects our superior expertise and commitment to perform. Through our products and services we enable maximum value at minimum cost to our customers.

Amine Gas Sweetening

We provide efficient, optimized, and custom-made solutions for gas sweetening. We propose all types of amines, from generic MDEA for selective H2S removal to MDEA with activator for enhanced and optimized CO2 and H2S removal. For these units, the complete design is performed in-house based on our experience and expertise with the use of advanced mass-transfer-rate-based software.

For specific needs, we work closely with amine process licensors to provide solutions for all types of applications, from pipeline-specific gas sweetening to tight liquid natural gas (LNG) specifications.

Our extensive experience in the field of modularization is fully integrated with our process expertise to offer optimized solutions.

Hydrocarbon Dewpointing

We offer complete solutions for hydrocarbon dewpointing, whether it be for pipeline specifications or for valuable liquids recovery. We offer refrigeration packages with optimized heat integration, Joule-Thompson-valve-based processes, or a turboexpander for high-performance recovery. We can propose specific adsorbents operating on short cycles for hydrocarbon dewpointing and C5+ recovery combined with gas dehydration.

Our expertise in hydrate inhibition allows us to propose complete, integrated dewpoint control units with hydrate-inhibitor injection, recovery, and regeneration.

TEG Regeneration and Dehydration

We design and supply gas dehydration systems using TEG to absorb water from gas.

High-energy recovery and low-glycol loss is achieved by our dehydration packages and modules, which are compact, low in weight, and small in footprint. Raw natural gas or wet gas can have varying degrees of water content, aerosols, and droplet sizes, so our TEG gas dehydration system reduces the water dewpoint and removes solids from the gas. This prevents hydrate formation, condensation, or corrosion in the downstream processes.

Gas Treatment by Adsorbent

Our flexible portfolio of dehydration technologies allows us to design and supply gas dehydration systems using adsorbents to absorb water, H2S, CO2, mercaptans, and hydrocarbons (C5+) from gas. We can design systems based on molecular sieves, silica gel, and alumina which are suitable for various applications.

Leveraging our decades of experience in gas processing, we select the optimal adsorbent technology for your project. To save energy, we consider the adsorbent type which minimizes the unit weight/footprint and reaches the lowest water content (<0.1ppmv), wet or dry regeneration gas configuration, and lowest regeneration gas flowrate.

Low Carbon Process Solutions

We design and supply low carbon process technologies specifically for CO2 and Hydrogen processing. Low-cost & customized solutions conditioning which refers to deoxygenation and dehydration, filtration, mercury removal, and dehydration. Both packages and modules, are compact, low in weight, and small in footprint. In addition, design and provide post-combustion carbon capture systems from flue gases. Learn more.


Gas Treatment Specifications

Water ppmv < 0.1
H2S ppmv < 4
CO2 ppmv < 50
  • Selected References Glycol Dehydration and Regeneration Catalog

  • CO2 Removal Unit Training Flyer

  • Gas Dehydration Unit Training Flyer

TEG gas dehydration system on its way to the FPSO
TEG gas dehydration system on its way to the FPSO
TEG gas dehydration system fabricated by NOV Profab
TEG gas dehydration system fabricated by NOV Profab
TEG gas dehydration system for North Sea
TEG gas dehydration system for North Sea

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