Gas Watch EX Gas Detection System

Standalone gas detection system ensuring continuous drilling operations


The M/D Totco™ Gas Watch™ EX standalone gas detection system liberates formation gases trapped in the returning drilling fluid. This autonomous, certified system is an integral component in identifying gases that represent a danger to rig personnel and is an indicator of hydrocarbon gas concentrations. It measures light and heavy gas concentrations that aid in well characterization as well as dissolved H2S. Through a patented technology and proprietary filters, dual IR sensors identify the total gas measurement (light and heavy gas) that is unaffected by oil-based mud additives typically seen in all other IR systems. The Gas Watch EX system can be used as the primary or backup gas detection system, serving both as an analytical tool and a safety system. The system offers additional value to the operator by allowing him or her to delay the onset of mudlogging services or replace them with our remote logging services. Both options enable you to minimize mudlogging service costs while decreasing costs associated with housing rigsite personnel.


  • Identifies the presence and concentration of light and heavy hydrocarbon along with H2S
  • Greater system accuracy
  • Configurable, automatic self-maintenance cycles
  • Intelligent system with self-diagnostic and fault-detection capabilities
  • Maintenance-free sample air dehydration system


  • Improves reservoir hydrocarbon characterization
  • Eliminates shutdowns due to false high-gas readings with proprietary IR sensor technology
  • Protects components and ensures operability
  • Results in maximum uptime
  • Eliminates consumable desiccants
  • Gas Watch EX Flyer

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