Technician handling GatorHawk Connection Leak Detection test

GatorHawk Connection Leak Detection

Safe and efficient on-site connection leak detection of oil country tubular goods

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Connection integrity is crucial in drilling and production applications. As a safe and proven apparatus for connection testing technology, Tuboscope's ISO-Gator exposes tubular leaks undetectable by other methods for external applications.Using rig air lines, the ISO-Gator operates as an on-and-off unit and tests in only seconds per connection.

The ISO-Gator seals onto coupling ends for coupled connections and seals just over the connection break for integral connections. The self-energizing effect is virtually eliminated for the test by applying test pressure directly to the potential leak path instead of across the pin/box area of the connection, creating a seal with internal testing.

Primary applications

  • Storage and disposal wells
  • Surface casing
  • Intermediate casing
  • Liners
  • Tieback strings
  • Offshore risers
  • Threaded pipe lines
  • Completions
  • Workovers and snubbing
  • Tubing conveyed perforating
  • Gas lift
  • Injection wells
  • Work strings
  • Gator Hawk ISO-Gator System Spec Sheet
  • Casing Services Spec Sheet
  • Tubing Services Spec Sheet
  • Tuboscope Production Services Catalog
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