Render of a Gel Mixing and Storage Plant

Gel Mixing and Storage Plants

Wilco gel mixing and storage plants are designed around our design tanks and piping systems.

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Each of our gel tanks are designed to exceed API-650 standards. Wilco tanks are also designed to meet wind and seismic requirements nearly anywhere in North America. Gel plants come in two basic varieties: gel blending and gel storage. Alternatively, the two may be combined into a Wilco gel blending and storage plant.

Wilco gel blending plant

The Wilco gel storage plant centers around a 2,500-gal mixing tank. As with all Wilco design gel tanks, this unit exceeds API-650 standards and is designed to meet wind and seismic conditions nearly anywhere in North America. Mineral oil is pumped from a 7,500-gal holding tank into the mix tank. Mineral oil flow monitoring is available. An inspection platform with ladder is mounted to the side of the mineral oil tank, and a larger work platform is mounted atop the mixing tank. An overhead gantry system is also offered optionally. Guar is introduced into the mix tank through a top-mounted hopper. Inside the hopper, an upward-pointing spear can be installed for the breaking of large bags. A 15-hp Vertiflo™ centrifugal pump provides the necessary shear to blend and commingle the guar into suspension while a top-mounted Lightnin™ agitator provides additional internal tank displacement and tortuosity. A semitangential swirl line and baffles are integral to the tank and improve performance. The manifold valves controlling the gel blending process are pneumatically actuated remotely from the system control panel. Once the gel has been thoroughly blended, it can be discharged to a truck or into Wilco gel storage vessels.

Wilco gel storage plant

As with the blending plant, the storage plant employs Wilco-designed API-650 tanks, but using a 12,000-gal variant tank. The blended gel is pumped into the top of the tank from a truck or from the mix tank of the Wilco gel blending plant. Each storage tank has its own 15-hp Vertiflo centrifugal pump that can be used to recirculate the gel through the internal swirl line or discharge it to the truck through a 3-in. camlock connector. Storage tanks use the Lightnin agitator and internal baffling system as the mix tank, keeping the gel homogenous. Ladders and inspection platforms are mounted to the side of each storage tank at positions where a worker can view the interior of the tank or gauge its contents through a thief hatch. The valves in the storage plant are fitted with locking handles for manual control.

Depending on your specific needs and available space, any number of storage tanks may be used or plumbed together with a Wilco gel blending plant.

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