Image of a Genesis Automatic Nitrogen Pumping Truck

Genesis Automatic Nitrogen Pumping Unit

The Genesis automatic nitrogen unit with CTES controls provides advanced control of the nitrogen’s rate, temperature, and pressure while monitoring safety limits during pumping operations.

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Our newest nitrogen pumping product line, Genesis™, ensures you can operate with the highest level of efficiency.

The unit receives requests from the operator remotely for mode changes. The CTES™ controls evaluate and adjust operations to reduce the startup time of your unit while increasing efficiencies.

Mundane actions, like heat builder control and pump speed, are managed within operator preset ranges. The unit reduces unsafe actions and conditions by monitoring the condition of liquid nitrogen in the pumps and alerting the operator if targets stray away from optimal conditions while providing a tight range of operation to maintain job stability.

The CTES condition-based maintenance (CBM) system is a custom real-time monitoring system for the unit when customer-provided Internet or 4G LTE connection is available. The system improves uptime and reduces maintenance costs associated with personnel and inventory requirements through early identification of potential component failures. The installed CBM system monitors process and machine data locally while transferring the data to GoConnect™ for intervention and stimulation equipment to allow remote viewing of the unit's data.

Operating modes

  • Engine control – Start and stop
  • Pump – Cool-down and prime
  • Pressure control – Pressure monitoring reduces overpressure shutdowns by derating the unit while running in pressure-control mode
  • Rate control – Overpressure shutdown in rate-control mode keeps the unit safe without operator intervention
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