Wide angle side view of Genesis ST2438 Coiled Tubing Unit

Genesis ST2438 Coiled Tubing Unit

The Genesis ST2438 is a four-axle coiled tubing unit optimized to maximize your tubing payload, and it legally carries up to 24,000 ft of 2⅜-in. coiled tubing with a dry tubing tare of 110,000 lb.

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You have a new normal. So do we.

Genesis™ was created to support our vision of building quality, fit-for-purpose products in a timely fashion while upholding the highest safety standards. Featuring high-visibility cabins, HMI displays, electric over hydraulic controls, and industry-leading injector technology, Genesis is the future of coiled tubing.

With 24,000 ft of 2⅜-in. coiled tubing capacity, this coiled tubing unit model is permittable in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ohio, and Wyoming.

Wet kit

  • Provides suitable hydraulic and electrical requirements for full operation
  • Single-steer tractor with tri-drive and a self-steerable pusher axle
  • Uses advanced hydraulic filtering techniques


Coiled tubing trailer

  • Custom-built, 16-wheel quad-axle trailer with provisions for tandem-axle jeep and booster
  • Ensures you reach all your jobsites quickly and safely

High-visibility control cabin

  • Provides operator with excellent line of sight for spooling and a panoramic view of the wellsite
  • Ergonomically designed, spacious cabin provides a quiet, comfortable, and reliable design with large dual-pane windows
  • Heated fixed-glass skylight positioned facing the reel and injector in operation


Tubing reel

  • Dished-head design with maximized tubing capacity of 24,000 ft of 2⅜-in. coiled tubing with a dry tubing tare of 110,000lb

HR-6100 injector

  • Mounts onto a hydraulic tilt stand at the rear of the trailer, allowing tubing to remain stabbed during transit
  • Continuous pull capacity of 100,000 lb at a maximum speed of 160 ft/min
  • Snubbing capacity of 50,000 lb
  • Camera system mounted to injector provides operator with real-time tubing status
  • Genesis ST2438 Liberty Trailer-Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit Brochure
High-visibility control cabin of Genesis Coiled Tubing Unit
High-visibility control cabins available
HR-6140 Injector of Genesis Coiled Tubing Unit
High strength injectors for your operations

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