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Grant Prideco GEO Drill Pipes laid out with rig and sunset in the background

Geo Drill Pipe

Designed and engineered for challenging geothermal applications

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Harsh conditions in geothermal drilling applications require advanced drilling tubulars. As the world leader in premium drill stem products, we offer innovative drilling solutions for the most challenging Geothermal Drilling applications. Our custom engineered products include drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, drill collars and accessories. We have advanced R&D and fully integrated manufacturing with facilities in the United States, Mexico, China and the Singapore.

GP GEO™ drill pipe provides superior technical performance and service life, exceeding current industry standards.

Our products include:

  • Proprietary upset designs to ensure stronger than the pipe weld strength in tension
  • Connections designed with minimized outside diameters (OD) and maximized inside diameters (ID) to allow largest possible pipe sizes in a given hole size.
  • An array of high-performance connections providing extended torque capabilities and reducing the chance of twist-offs.
  • Sour service grades to allow for safer drilling in environments that have H2S present.
  • Thick and robust tubes (95% Remaining Body Wall minimum) to maximize buckling resistance and allow for more tube wear, prolonging service life.
  • Heavier walled drill pipe to enhance service life as the GEO™ drill pipe wall may wear faster when exposed to corrosive chemicals.


SmoothEdge™ tool joints and hardbanding solutions prolong asset life

To help protect your pipe from excessive wear during running and extend the service life of your tool joints, hardbanding can be applied on the tool joint box section, box taper or tool joint pin section.

Our SmoothEdge tool joints provide a proprietary sacrificial wear pad added to the outer pin and box for the installation of more prominent hardbanding.


Selecting the right Geo drill pipe configuration for your project

Standard API connections have limitations in terms of torque capacity and service life, especially in highly deviated drilling in hot environment. When this occurs, drillers turn to double shoulder connections that offer higher torque as well as improved operating service life. The GP GEO product line offers a full gamut of double shoulder connections, some with thread designs compatible with standard API connections, providing full interchangeability with API drill pipe and accessories.


Grant Prideco Geo Drill Pipe Configurations

The following table shows the most representative configurations utilized for Geo drill pipe. For performance values or further product descriptions, please contact your local Grant Prideco Sales representative.

Nominal size, weight and grade Connection Tool joint OD (in.) Tool joint ID (in.) Max MUT (ft-lb) Tensile capacity (lb)
3½ in. 15.5 ppf (0.368 in.) S-135 NC-38 5 2⅛ 15,900 560,800
3½ in. 15.5 ppf (0.368 in.) S-135 GPDS™ 38 5 2 716 17,400 560,800
4 in. 15.7 ppf (0.330 in.) S-135 Delta™ 391 4⅞ 2 1116 21,400 746,400
4½ in. 20.0 ppf (0.337 in.) S-135 Delta™ 425 5⅜ 3 30,300 620,600
5 in. 25.5 ppf (0.362 in.) S-135 NC-50 6⅝ 41,200 704,300
5 in. 25.5 ppf (0.362 in.) S-135 GPDS™ 50 6⅝ 46,600 704,300
5 in. 25.5 ppf (0.362 in.) S-135 Delta™ 471 5⅞ 37,900 704,300
5 in. 25.5 ppf (0.362 in.) S-135 Delta™ 527 49,800 704,300
5 in. 25.5 ppf (0.362 in.) S-135 Delta™ 544 6⅝ 4 50,300 704,300
5½ in. 24.7 ppf (0.361 in.) S-135 5½ Full Hole (FH) 7 4 33,400 704,300
5½ in. 24.7 ppf (0.361 in.) S-135 Delta™ 544 6⅝ 4 50,300 862,700
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