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EMS | Equipment Monitoring Solution | GoConnect

GoConnect provides real-time delivery of data analytics for process monitoring, predictive analytics, and condition-based maintenance.


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Work smarter, not harder, with real-time data

Reduce maintenance costs, extend the life of your assets, and avoid unplanned downtime with GoConnect™ real-time condition monitoring application. Powered by NOV Max, GoConnect provides data-driven insights into the condition, health, and performance of your equipment. And, our user-friendly interface gives you real-time and historical data accessible to you anytime, anywhere. 

Condition monitoring and predictive analytics are changing the way we design, support, and maintain our equipment. Empowered by data you can trust, you’ll experience better performance and improved efficiencies from your equipment and operations.

Examples of capital equipment we can monitor:

  • Pumps including progressing cavity pumps (both surface and downhole pumps), reciprocating pumps, and multistage centrifugal pumps (H-pumps)
  • Sand and solids management
  • Mixers and agitators
  • Munchers
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Max Ready™!

Max Ready products are fully compatible with our Max digital ecosystem, meaning they're designed to make your data easy to consume, manage, and act upon.

The Max digital ecosystem reframes the way you look at data and allows you to aggregate and derive real meaning from an otherwise overwhelming volume of data. You can capture, contextualize, analyze, transform, and visualize your data in real time, at high speed, at the edge and in the cloud all within Max.

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Data Security and Trust Center

Trust Center

Protecting your data is our priority. We are good stewards of your data, employing the best practices and people to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

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