Aerial view of a Frac site and crane

GoConnect Real-Time Data Analytics

GoConnect provides real-time delivery of oil and gas data analytics for process monitoring, predictive analytics, and condition-based maintenance.


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Real-time data for informed decisions

Our new service uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide data-driven insights into the condition, health, and performance of customers’ equipment and operations, allowing you to reduce downtime-related costs and improve the operational efficiency of completion services.

We understand that condition monitoring and predictive analytics are changing the way we support, maintain, and design our equipment, enabling us to deliver better performance for your operations.

Our GoConnect™ system for intervention and stimulation equipment is powered by NOV’s Max™ platform, which also powers NOV’s successful Rigsentry™ condition-based monitoring system for drilling equipment. This digital data analytics platform allows you to view real-time and historical oil and gas data from the field or in your office.

Asset Link

Asset Link™ delivers real-time process and machine data to stakeholders. These data can be used to monitor equipment health and to make field job design changes on the fly. Historical data can also be analyzed to refine future job designs and to identify pending equipment issues.

Asset Insight

Asset Insight™ provides advanced tools to monitor the condition of your hydraulic fracturing and well intervention equipment to maximize uptime and reduce maintenance costs. Transitioning from a time-based to a usage-based maintenance plan reduces cost and improves equipment uptime.

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Aerial view of whole frac site and cranes.

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