Grease Interceptor

A Flowtite Fiberglass tank for wastewater in grease producing areas.


Grease Interceptors (also referred to as grease traps for smaller applications) are temporary storage/disposal tanks for wastewater in grease producing areas. Materials in this particular type of wastewater are made up of “fats, oils, and grease” (FOG). FOG materials congeal as they cool; in sewer lines this would cause massive blockages and costly back-ups. A grease interceptor is designed to store the wastewater long enough for FOG materials to naturally separate and float to the top of the water level, where the grease can be collected and disposed of properly. A baffle divides the tank into two compartments: the first of which retains the grease and allows the remaining FOG-free wastewater to enter the second compartment and then flow safely into the sewer line.

Grease Interceptors are typically required for high volume restaurants and large commercial operations such as hotels, hospitals, factories, and school kitchens. Any establishment that introduces any FOG material into the sewer system in quantities large enough to cause line blockages should install a grease trap or interceptor. Flowtite Grease Interceptors come in tank sizes ranging from 600 – 60,000 gallons.

We offer IAPMO Z1000 approved designs up to and including 12′ diameter tank models.

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