GripR Openhole Anchor

High-pressure, hydraulic-set anchor designed to be run as an integral part of the casing/liner to anchor downhole equipment in openhole applications


Our GripR™ openhole anchor is a high-pressure, hydraulic-set anchor designed to be run as an integral part of the casing/liner to anchor downhole equipment for multistage zonal isolation in openhole applications. The anchor, designed with nearly full circumference and bidirectional slips, keeps the liner in place during expansion and contraction due to high-rate stage fracturing and production.

The GripR openhole anchor is set hydraulically, first by plugging the casing below the anchor using the NOV flow lock sub and then applying differential pressure at the anchor. Multiple anchors may be run between openhole packers to stabilize the casing during fracturing and production. The anchor has an anti-preset feature to prevent setting during running of the casing/liner.



  • Bidirectional large footprint slip designed for robust anchoring point in openhole completions
  • Anti-preset mechanism
  • Hydraulic set; no rotation required
  • Self-centralizing
  • Flexible; can be positioned anywhere in the completion
  • Full-bore design allows passage of frac balls/plugs for stimulation
  • Available in high-torque premium connections
  • Multiple anchors may be used to support multiple openhole packers for zonal isolation.



  • Openhole horizontal completions
  • High-pressure stimulation and completion operations 


  • GripR Openhole Anchor Data Sheet

  • First NOV Voyager 15XT OH Packer Deployed in a Tight HPHT Reservoir Case Study

  • Oilfield Technology Feature: Unlocking Tight HPHT Reservoirs Economically

  • Lower Completions Portfolio

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