GT-M Connection

The GT-M connection is a low-torque, gas-tight connection ideal for use on intervention risers.


The patented GT-M™ connection is a special version of XT-M™, the industry’s first gas-tight, pressure-rated rotary-shouldered connection. The GT-M connection features a radial metal-to-metal internal pressure seal, with the external torque shoulder providing a secondary seal.

The internal metal seal is generated by radial interference, reducing the effects of tensile load. Capable of resisting high-pressure liquids and gas, the seal integrity is not affected by multiple make-and-breaks of the connection.


  • The GT-M connection is available only for 6⅝ in. size.
  • The GT-M connection does not have an internal torque shoulder, providing reduced makeup torque.
  • GT-M connections are pressure rated to 15,000 psi internal pressure and 7,500 psi external pressure.
  • Due to the large inside diameter, GT-M drill strings are well-suited for use on invention risers.
  • GT-M connections are not interchangeable with any other rotary-shouldered connection.

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