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Close up of steel Guardian Drill Pipe Protector

Guardian Drill Pipe Protectors

High-quality thread protection products for API and premium drill pipe.

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Tuboscope MSI’s complete line of Guardian™ drill pipe protectors keep your drill pipe assets protected at all times. From lightweight plastic to heavy-duty plastic and all-steel models, Guardian protectors are engineered to cover the entire thread form and seal area on both internal and external drill pipe threads. Whether you need environmental thread protection only, or you require robust thread protection for rugged transportation and extreme climates, MSI has a Guardian protector for your job.

Guardian steel protectors

  • Uncompromising, heavy-duty protection of the entire thread form
  • Provides protection even in extreme weather
  • Extra-heavy pressed steel construction
  • Thread form and size permanently stamped on the part
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Available in both API and premium thread connections
  • CNC precision-cut thread

Guardian heavy-duty plastic protectors

  • Complete coverage of entire thread form and seal area on both internal and external threads
  • Ideal for all grades of pipe, especially alloy grade
  • Rugged thread impact protection and sealing abilities
  • Performs in long-term storage and handling situations
  • Available in both API and Premium thread connections

Guardian light-duty plastic protectors

  • Designed for environmental protection and minimal impacts
  • Short-term applications only
  • Available in API thread connections only
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Black and white Guardian Drill Pipe Protectors
Black Guardian Drill Pipe Protector
Metal Guardian Drill Pipe Protectors
Black Guardian Drill Pipe Protectors in a line
Dark blue Guardian Drill Pipe Protector
Red and teal Guardian Drill Pipe Protectors

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