Gumbo Boxes

Effectively remove gumbo and other sticky clays before reaching downstream solids control equipment.


Remove gumbo and improve solids control efficiency

Gumbo boxes are the first step in effective solids control when large, sticky, hydrated clays (gumbo) and other troublesome solids are encountered during drilling. Gumbo boxes use a motorized chain conveyor to remove problematic solids before they reach the shale shakers. The removal of gumbo and other solids by these units allows the downstream solids control equipment to operate more efficiently.

The gumbo chain™ is positioned directly after the mud/gas separator at the flowline and is the first piece of BRANDT™ solids control equipment to mechanically remove solids from the mud.

A cartridge assembly houses the gumbo chain(s) or scalper(s) that conveys the solids to be discharged. Gumbo boxes are available in three configurations:

  • 5-ft (1.5-m) single cartridge
  • 6-ft (1.8-m) single cartridge
  • 6-ft (1.8-m) dual cartridge

The gumbo chain uses larger hole openings than a scalper belt. Optimum chain opening sizes can vary depending on the formation drilled and the needs of the drilling program. The gumbo box is available in single or dual cartridge units that can be installed on nearly any rig.



  • Stainless-steel woven chain belt – Provides thousands of operating hours with reliable, maintenance-free service
  • Option to use single or dual cartridges –Obtains the required capacity for your specific application
  • Ability to handle flow rates up to 3,800 gal/min (14 384 L/min) – Facilitates quick processing of gumbo and other troublesome solids
  • Single Gumbo Box has the option for left and right drive ends – Allows for installation with existing electrics and/or operator preference
  • Dual Gumbo Box can be wired to a common junction box – Single point for electrical connection and maintenance
  • Available with dual outlet and chain bypass options –Allows the Gumbo Box to be installed directly to the flowline without additional bypass valves in the rig flowline
  • Can be provided with starters (optional) – Allows for isolation of one chain for maintenance or repairs and reduces downtime

BRANDT Gumbo Boxes Specifications

General 5-ft (1.5-m) Single 6-ft (1.8-m) Single 6-ft (1.8-m) Dual
Length 101⅝ in. (2581 mm) 115 15⁄16 in. (2945 mm) 152 13⁄16 in. (3881 mm)
Width 63 3⁄16 in. (1605 mm) 56¼ in. (1429 mm) 99½ in. (2527 mm)
Height 67½ in. (1715 mm) 74 15⁄16 in. (1904 mm) 110 in. (2794 mm)
Weight (Dry) 2,421 lb (1199 kg) 3,400 lb (1542 kg) 8,300 lb (3765 kg)
Motor Type Explosion proof Explosion proof Explosion proof
Motor Power 1 hp (0.75 kW) 1 hp (0.75 kW) (2) 1 hp (0.75 kW)
Gearbox Ratio 30:1 30:1 30:1


*Specifications are subject to change based on configuration selected.

**Air intake requires rig air of 60-80 psi.

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A render of a BRANDT gumbo box