Hammer Unions

We provide a complete range of Anson hammer union connections for quick makeup and breakout in your flowline.


Hammer unions are one of the most readily used connections in the oil and gas industry. Anson™ hammer unions are suitable for pressures up to 20,000 psi, and all have full material traceability. All components are subjected to rigorous inspection checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a quality product every time.

Anson hammer unions are approved and used by major service companies, drilling contractors, and operators around the world. All connections are clearly marked to show the nominal size, figure number, working pressure, and service (sour or standard). Mismatch of hammer unions is an unsafe practice.

When ordering hammer unions, always keep the following in mind:

  • Never mix differing figure numbers of hammer unions.
  • Anson hammer union subs, nuts, and segments should only be used with an Anson mating part. Do not mix components with those of other manufacturers.
  • Never exceed the working pressure of the hammer union.
  • For butt weld hammer unions, the pressure rating may be dictated by the schedule/rating of the adjoining pipe or fitting.
  • Hammer unions are designed for either standard or sour service and should not be mixed.
  • If the lugs of the hammer union nut become worn and deformed, replace them as soon as possible.

Butt weld hammer union

We offer butt weld hammer unions across all figure numbers—from Figure 50 (500 psi) to Figure 2002 (20,000 psi)—and are ready to fabricate into your pipework assembly. Anson butt weld hammer unions are available in standard service or sour gas trim.

Threaded hammer union (API and NPST)

A full range of API line pipe is available from Fig. 50 (500 psi) to Fig. 1502 (15,000 psi). Threads are gauged with calibrated API gauges which are checked regularly with API master gauges. Non-pressure seal thread (NPST) connections are also available upon request.

Blind hammer union

We have a corresponding male/female blind (plug) for each of our hammer unions that can be supplied with NPT or autoclave ports upon request. Figure 207 blanking caps are available in sizes 3 to 6 in.


Aside from our standard elastomers, we also offer Anson hammer unions with bespoke seals to suit your application. Whether this for low temperature, to resist explosive decompression, or for high H2S, we can work with you to offer a sealing solution.

  • Combined Union Wear Gauge Data Sheet

  • Anson Hammer Unions Size Chart

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