HDD VSM 300 Shale Shaker

The BRANDT™ VSM 300 shale shaker delivers a dramatic increase in capacity through unique vibratory motion and screen deck layouts

Render Back view of VSM 300 Shaker
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As the world's first balanced, elliptical-motion, low-profile cascade shaker, VSM 300’s use of integral secondary drying technology demonstrates our commitment to delivering cost-effective, environmentally responsible solutions for all industrial, construction and microtunneling projects. The VSM 300 is an extremely simple machine to operate, maintenance is minimal, and screen changing is carried out in 2 to 3 minutes by a single technician

Supplied in modular form, the VSM 300 can be assembled on-site to produce multiple units, thereby reducing installation time and costs. The proven shallow header tank system provides equal flow distribution across the shakers, even when multiple units are installed.


  • Balanced elliptical motion
  • Adjustable G-force
    • Adjustments in G-force (4, 6, or 8 G’s) to adapt to changes in drilling conditions
    • Integrated scalping deck (three screens)
    • Reduces the need for (and subsequent costs and weight of) upstream scalping shakers
    • 20.5 ft2 (1.9 m2) of screen area 
  • Primary deck angled at 7° incline (four screens)
    • Excellent solids conveyance and liquid/solids separation, even when troublesome drilling conditions arise
    • Keeps the fluid pool volume small, which helps to increase screen life
    • 26.3 ft2 (2.4 m2) of screen area 
  • Pneumoseal clamping system
    • Screens are properly secured to the basket for quick and easy screen changes
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) control
    • Soft-starting fingertip adjustments of motor speed and matching of G-force to operating conditions

VSM 300 Shale Shaker Specifications and Dimensions

Dimensions (L x W x H) 108.4 × 73.6 × 59.3 in. (2754 × 1870 × 1505 mm)
Screen dimensions (L x W x H) 35.500 × 27.000 x 1.625 in. (902 × 686 × 41 mm)
Weir height 39 in. (991 mm)
Weight 5,370 lb (2436 kg)
G-force Adjustable: 4, 6, or 8 G’s
Vibration motion Balanced elliptical
Motor quantity Two
Motor power (each) 4 hp (3 kW)
Electrical voltage/phase/frequency 380–460 VAC/3-phase/50 or 60 Hz
Air connection/pressure/capacity Single-point/85–90 psi/0.014 m3/min (0.5 ft3/min)

VSM 300 Shale Shaker Deck Specifications

Deck Scalping Primary Drying
Quantity of screens 3 4 2
Deck angle +7° +7°
Screen type Pretension, Repairable Pretension, Repairable Pretension, Repairable
Deck area 20.5 ft2 (1.9 m2)  26.3 ft2 (2.4 m2)  3 ft2 (0.3 m2)
Render front view of VSM 300 shaker
VSM 300 Shale Shaker with Backtank

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