Direct heating quadback for subsea flexible pipe

Heated Flexible Pipe

Our heated pipe technology provides operational peace of mind.

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With our heated pipe technology, you can stop worrying about wax and hydrate issues in your operations.

With a novel method for heating flexible pipes, we help you restart your production whenever you need by eliminating the critical cool-down window found in traditional, costly, time-sensitive, and potentially ineffective mitigation techniques. Just as importantly, our heated pipe has a compact footprint compared with other heating technologies.

Heated pipe uses the properties of a standard flexible pipe, which brings a range of benefits to any operation. The technology is factory acceptance tested and fully integrated yet completely standalone. The result is significantly lower as-installed, lifetime, and operational costs compared with competing technologies. The system is effectively operated as a coaxial cable, where electrical current is passed through the carcass and returned via the tensile armor layers.


  • Increase operational flexibility in case of shutdown
  • Reduce operational cost—can be used in any system without any modifications


  • Prevents/removes hydrate plugs
  • Allows the transportation of viscous fluids across long distances

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