TerraLOK Hydraulic Disconnects

Our heavy-duty hydraulic disconnect is ideally suited for high-torque, heavy-duty coiled tubing drilling operations.


As the heart of any coiled tubing BHA, the hydraulic disconnect must provide a joint that can reliably disconnect from the BHA should the need arise. When a BHA becomes stuck, the disconnect offers a means to release everything run below it so the coiled tubing can be retrieved from the wellbore and appropriate measures can be taken to fish or retrieve the obstruction from the wellbore.

Disconnect failures are occurring more frequently worldwide as the industry subjects BHAs to higher loads generated from today's anti-friction, milling, and jarring tools, in addition to larger and stronger coiled tubing strings.

The patented design of the TerraLOK™ disconnect eliminates what has often been the source of failures in the past—the castellation design used to carry torque loads. The TerraLOK disconnect's patented collapsible thread design provides a joint as strong as any threaded connection throughout the BHA. This tool has been thoroughly tested and qualified for reliable performance in the most extreme jarring and milling applications that often subject the disconnect to extreme cyclical loading that eventually leads to failure in many inferior designs.

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Vertical render of a TerraLOK Hydraulic Disconnect
Horizontal render of a TerraLOK Hydraulic Disconnect

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