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Quad Lift Cranes

Heavy Lift Cranes

For more than 100 years, our robust, heavy lift cranes have helped clients stay ahead in the demanding offshore market.

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Since the early 20th century, NOV has provided cranes with high lifting capacities and high outreaches for the harsh marine and offshore environment. Our heavy lift crane offerings and extensive experience are built on a foundation of legacy businesses such as GustoMSC and AmClyde. We have always placed high demands on the quality of our products, which ensure a long service life of our cranes, or as we like to say, “A lifetime of lifting.”

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“A lifetime of lifting.”

It’s our longstanding ambition to help you stay at the forefront of both the offshore wind and the oil and gas markets, and our future-proof, offshore heavy lifting capabilities have delivered continuous success. To maintain our goal, we continuously develop the required know-how and overall understanding of your heavy lifting operations to help you to stay ahead of market demands.

Tailored solutions built on innovative engineering and design capabilities

Optimized integrated solution

We understand the interaction of crane and vessel, and we can consult on the most efficient integrated crane solution that delivers safe, optimal performance.

25% Reducing Environmental Footprint

Our fully electric-driven Heavy Lift cranes significantly increase energy efficiency. They fuel consumption compared to electro-hydraulic driven cranes, allow energy recovery, storage, and reuse. All without the risk of oil leaks while maintaining capacity and better performance.

Offering complete turnkey projects

As part of the Marine and Construction business unit, our heavy lift portfolio offers complete turnkey projects, including engineering and design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, testing, training, operational support, and worldwide aftermarket services.

Our global manufacturing capabilities provide flexibility for the building locations of our heavy lift cranes, which can be conducted in-house, locally in cooperation with your team to ensure maximum time savings and reduced logistics costs.

Aftermarket services

In addition to 24/7 technical support centers and a global team of field service technicians, we provide aftermarket engineering services, repairs, inspections, surveys, spare parts, and training.


Our latest crane models combine NOV's extensive experience with innovative solutions such as the telescopic boom that can be utilized for both foundation and turbine installation. Also segmented slew bearings are used to lower construction weight and reduce footprint. These innovations result in a state-of-the-art, competitive product.

Full electric drive system

Our fully electric-driven cranes have low energy consumption and the ability to feed regenerated energy into energy storage systems like the NOV Powerblade™ system or batteries.

The electric variable-frequency drive system also allows for smooth, accurate operations while requiring less maintenance, fewer components, and reduced noise and vibrations.

Digital portfolio

We offer a range of digital solutions that safely improve operability and provide efficient support for our heavy lift cranes:

  • Operator Support System (OSS) – As an application layer on top of the NOV Max™ data and analytics platform, the GustoMSC-designed OSS provides real-time guidance to the operator based on data generated by equipment onboard.

Learn more about OSS

  • Remote access and diagnostics – We can help you connect your live data to our technicians, enabling quick troubleshooting and resolution of equipment challenges. We understand your data is highly valuable, and its safety is our number one priority.

Operators’ cabin

Our operators’ cabin has been specifically designed and optimized for use on cranes operating offshore.

Ensuring a large, unobstructed view for enhanced safety whilst providing a comfortable, ergonomic working environment for the crane driver.

The telescopic boom

The technology offers an innovative combination of high hoisting capability for WTG installation and heavy load capability for installing foundations.

The telescopic boom avoids the protrusion of a very long crane boom outside the hull dimensions during transit, increasing the transit conditions and maneuverability in ports.

Vard MSB Crane
900 t AHC pedestal crane on Normand Maximus
Shimizu Telescopic Leg Crane, offshore with mountains in the background
2,500 t telescopic leg crane on Blue Wind
Sea Installer
900 t leg crane on Sea Installer
Saipem 7000
7,000 t tub cranes on Saipem 7000

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