Hemidril Coiled Tubing Power Sections

Drill more efficiently in harsh conditions with our high-performance Hemidril coiled tubing power sections.


Our high-performance Hemidril™ coiled tubing (CT) power sections are ideal for straight-hole and lateral CT milling and drilling operations. The Hemidril CT power section uses the same constant-wall technology we've used with success for years in our well-respected Hemidril drilling motors. This constant-wall stator includes a patented PowerRib surface that improves efficiency and tool life.

The uniform elastomer thickness, thin-wall design, and PowerRib technology deliver increased torque, horsepower, and efficiency. Hemidril CT power sections are proven to withstand the harsh conditions that often plague coiled tubing operations.


  • Even layer of rubber
  • Patented PowerRib technology increases efficiency and tool life
  • 75% more power and torque than conventional stators
  • Improved CT milling/drilling performance
  • Increased speed at which plugs are milled
  • Reduced rubber swelling in hot-hole environments
  • Reduced rubber swell while using nitrogen
  • Less stress on the coiled tubing
  • Reduced operational cost
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